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Who is Sprocket Sport?

Why Us?
We would like to offer you a place to shop at for your motorcycle stuff that is friendly, offers great value for money products and good quality products that we ourselves believe in. We hope you’ll enjoy the experience in shopping with us!

About Us

We have had motorcycling in our blood from the earliest days riding PW50’s, KX60’s and Y-Zingers around as kids.  Perhaps the most memorable moments were from getting a lift with Pops on his YZ490 back in the 80’s, and getting that antsy feeling in my legs from the tank’s vibrations from sitting in front of Pops.

I rode with my Dad’s Sinisalo gloves that you could barely grip with, and Sinisalo chest guards that made me look like i was playing American football. The first helmet I ever purchased new was a Lafe MX helmet, and some Penquin goggles to go with them (yup, money was a little tight back then!).  That experience though going home with my new gear had me hooked…I always wanted something like Barry’s Place or Mosskays offered back in the day..

At Sprocket Sport, we love motorcycles and the gear and accessories that go with them. Making this a business was a simple choice, so that we could continue to interact with other people who have this shared passion. We can’t wait to meet you, and help you create memories too!

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