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Alpinestars Techdura Jacket Black/Reflex

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    Brand: Alpinestars

    This is a genuine product that is backed up by the official South African distributors.

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    The Techdura Jacket is highly modular and features technical aspects unique to Alpinestars. Constructed from a durable and rugged stretch polyamide canvas material with detachable raglan sleeves and side torso vents, the Techdura Jacket can be perfectly adapted to the climate, engineered to handle the rigors of enduro and off-road riding. The Techdura Jacket is water-resistant and windproof to protect against the elements and has been designed to fit over any Alpinestars’ upper body protectors. The jacket also features a built-in pocket to seamlessly integrate a water bladder.

    Entirely unique to the Techdura Jacket, is the detachable tactical pack that comes included with the jacket. The tactical pack separately attaches to the back and chest, providing 4 chest pockets with an airflow space in the middle, on the front, as well as a back compartment for a separate hydration bladder or other gear. The Techdura Jacket with its tactical pack is the perfect choice, making it convenient for enduro riders to carry different items, based on the needs of the ride.

    The Techdura Jacket sets a unique new modern standard with its rugged yet stretchy construction to help enduro and off-road riders alike conquer all types of terrain in both comfort and style.

    Key Features:

    • Stretch paneling for an optimized fit and superior freedom of movement.
    • Side torso vents provide enhanced airflow and breathability.
    • A detachable tactical, Techdura vest with extra pockets for convenient storage comes included with the jacket.
    • Reinforcements on elbows for additional durability.
    • Detachable raglan sleeves.
    • Magnetic auto lock buckle for a secure closure.
    • Hand pockets for real-world practicality.


    • Rugged stretch polyamide canvas material for enhanced durability.
    • Water resistant for effective wet weather performance.

    Size XL or 2XL
    Brand Alpinestars