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Athena Filter Oil FFP007

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    Brand: Athena

    This is a genuine product that is backed up by the official South African distributors.

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    Athena oil filters are made by the OEM suppliers of the principal motorcycle manufacturers and guarantee great filtering under all conditions of use, removing impurities that might prevent the engine from running properly. There is a wide range available, with exceptional pricing, quality and reliability.

    Vehicle Compatibility

    SUZUKI GSX-R 750 cc 1985/1987

    SUZUKI GV 1400 cc 1985/1986

    SUZUKI GV GLF2 / GLF / GLG 1200 cc 1985/1986

    SUZUKI GV GLF / GLF2 700 cc 1985/1986

    SUZUKI VS GL INTRUDER 700 cc 1985/1986

    SUZUKI VS GL INTRUDER 750 cc 1985/1986

    Technical Features

    External Diameter (mm) - 80
    Height - 74.5
    NetWeight - 0.327
    Type - Screwable
    Brand Athena