Athena Seal Fork Dust 46x58.5x4.7/11.6

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Brand: Athena

This is a genuine product that is backed up by the official South African distributors.

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The kit is composed of two fork dust seals that will adapt perfectly to customer's requirements from a functional and structural point of view. Athena has a complete range of fork oil and dust seal kits, whose quality and affordable price makes them perfect to meet every need.

Vehicle Compatibility

HONDA CR R 125 cc 1997/2001HONDA CR R 250 cc 1996HONDA CR R 500 cc 1996/2001KAWASAKI KX 125 cc 1996/2001KAWASAKI KX 250 cc 1996/2001KAWASAKI KX 500 cc 1997/2004SUZUKI RM 250 cc 2001YAMAHA WR 250 cc 1997 YAMAHA WR F 250 cc 2001/2004YAMAHA WR F 400 cc 1998/2002YAMAHA WR F 450 cc 2003/2004 YAMAHA WR R 250 cc 2008/2013YAMAHA WR X 250 cc 2008/2013YAMAHA YZ 125 cc 1996/2003YAMAHA YZ 2T 250 cc 1996/2003YAMAHA YZ F 250 cc 2001/2003YAMAHA YZ F 426 cc 2000/2002YAMAHA YZ F 450 cc 2003

OEM Codes

HONDA - 51490KZ4J21

Technical Features

External Diameter (mm) - 58.5Height - 4.7Internal Diameter (mm) - 46Manufacturer - NOKMaterial - RubberOil Seal Total Height (mm) - 11.6
Brand Athena