Athena Gasket Base Honda CD/CB

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Brand: Athena

This is a genuine product that is backed up by the official South African distributors.

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Athena supplies the widest range of spare replacement gaskets available on the market. Athena gaskets are the result of over forty years of experience in the sector, solid know-how and advanced technical skills in design and production. Athena praises a continuous technological development, achieved by its in-house team of engineers and designers, and production that keeps strictly to parameters required by OEMs.

Vehicle Compatibility

HONDA CA REBEL 125 cc 1995/1997 HONDA CB 125 cc 1982/1990 HONDA CB T 125 cc 1978/1986 HONDA CD 185 cc 1978/1979 HONDA CD 195 200 cc 1980 HONDA CD 250 cc 1985/1992 HONDA CD T 125 cc 1978/1986 HONDA CD TA / TB / TE 200 cc 1980/1984 HONDA CM 125 cc 1978/1990 HONDA CM T 185 cc 1978/1979 HONDA CM T TWIN STAR 200 cc 1980/1982 HONDA CMX 250 cc 1985/1992 HONDA CMX C 250 cc 2012

OEM Codes

HONDA 12191KBG770 
Brand Athena